Stuff We Love v.2

Version two of “Stuff We Love”

1. This DIY home herb garden. How great would it be to grow basil, cilantro, clover, and parsley at home in the warmth of your kitchen? It would also be part of a wonderful house-warming gift.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 1.06.18 PM

2. This shirt from Topshop. It’s the perfect beach cover-up. I love the black and white, because you can dress it up with colorful jewelry, shoes, or a purse. The tassel details are a great bohemian touch.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 1.12.58 PM

3. The Dating Divas websiteI highly recommend spending some time on this site if you’re looking for dating inspiration. Not only do they give hundreds of unique one-on-one date ideas, but they also give free thoughtful printouts. Prepare: some ideas are pretty cheesy, but I’m sure you could find something here to inspire you. Even if you don’t have a significant other, you can definitely get some inspiration for gifts for friends, too!


4. Tessemae’s Ranch Salad Dressing. It’s only $5.99 and check out the ingredients: Olive oil, Lemon juice, Spices, Garlic, Mustard, Sea salt. It’s vegan, gluten free, sugar free, paleo, and Whole 30 friendly. Everyone can have this product! There are more options if you’re not into ranch.


5. This infographic on quinoa. It has much more protein than brown or white rice and is a yummy addition to your stirfry.



What about you?


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